Frequently Asked Questions
The SolarAssurePlus Monitoring & Warranty product offers comprehensive coverage for your solar products. This includes warranty protection for remote monitoring, solar panels, inverters, roof penetration, and labor. Unlike many manufacturer warranty plans that limit labor coverage and may become void if the manufacturer faces insolvency, our product steps in to cover the cost of replacing any failed components. With SolarAssurePlus, you can rest assured that your long-term investment is fully protected, providing you with peace of mind.
SolarAssurePlus is not just a regular company; it is a fintech company specializing in solar monitoring software. Our unique offering includes a 25-year limited warranty that comes bundled with our software monitoring package. This limited warranty is structured as a one-time payment integrated into the installation price and is supported by our trusted insurance provider. The additional insurance coverage acts as a safeguard against any defaults from solar manufacturers. It's important to note that limited warranties like ours are governed by federal Magnuson-Moss laws and regulated by the FTC, ensuring transparency and fairness to our customers.
Currently, homeowners are not subject to any deductibles for covered warranty claims. However, we recommend consulting your homeowners insurance provider to determine if any deductibles apply to property insurance-related claims. As for hidden fees, our warranty is structured as a one-time payment that is integrated into the cost of your solar installation, ensuring complete transparency and eliminating the possibility of hidden fees.
SolarAssurePlus provides coverage for roof penetrations. In the event that a leak is caused by faulty installation or improper attachment of your solar system to the roof, our dedicated partners will collaborate with us to repair the leak at no expense to you. However, please note that the specifics of your roof warranty fall outside the scope of the solar warranty, so we recommend reaching out to your roofing contractor for detailed information regarding your roof warranty.
Unfortunately, the SolarAssurePlus warranty does not cover the removal of panels during roof repair or replacement. If your roof requires repair or replacement, we recommend contacting your original installer to handle the panel removal. It's important to note that wiring is not covered under the warranty.
Typically, property damage is addressed by either the contractor's liability insurance or the homeowner's insurance policy. Homeowner's insurance policies generally cover incidents such as fire, theft, rodent damage, and hail. In the case of damage to the home during installation, it is typically covered under the contractor's general liability policy. We strongly advise requesting a copy of the contractor's insurance before the installation process begins. Additionally, it is important to update your homeowners insurance coverage to include your new solar panels.
Currently, our protection plans are exclusively sold through certified install partners who meet our stringent quality standards. For more information, we encourage you to contact your local installer. If your installer is not an approved reseller, please reach out to us to initiate the approval process. If you require assistance in finding a reputable contractor, we recommend reviewing our vetting process.

In the event that you decide to sell your house, the SolarAssurePlus monitoring & warranty is easily transferable without any transfer fees.
Filing a claim with us is a straightforward and hassle-free process. To initiate the claim, the homeowner should initiate a claim by completing our claim form available on our website here: https://solarassureplus.com/file-a-claim/. We will collaborate with both the installer and the original manufacturer to facilitate the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process. For a comprehensive outline of the claim process, please refer to the detailed list provided here.

Important note: If your solar installer is no longer in business and you require assistance with filing a claim, please contact our dedicated Customer Service team at (480) 795-7778. We are here to help.
The pricing for our product depends on factors such as the size of the system and the specific components utilized. The cost is typically bundled into the overall price of your solar system. For detailed information regarding pricing, we recommend reaching out to one of our approved SolarAssurePlus Certified Installers. They will be able to provide you with further details and assist you with any pricing inquiries you may have.
We adhere to a stringent engineering evaluation process when selecting the manufacturers we collaborate with, particularly concerning inverters. We consider inverters to be the most vulnerable aspect of a solar array, impacting both reliability and our loss ratio. In the event of an inverter manufacturer's insolvency, we assume responsibility for replacing and/or compensating for the failed component.
The warranty certificate will be sent to you within 2 to 4 weeks after the installation of your system. It is important to note that our monitoring & warranty coverage commences on the date when your system is online and activated.
If your system encounters an error, follow these steps:

1. Notify your SolarAssurePlus Certified Installer about the issue.

2. Your Certified Installer will coordinate and schedule a service appointment to address the problem.

3. The Certified Installer will resolve the issue and ensure that your system is functioning correctly.

4. On behalf of the homeowner, the Certified Installer will submit an invoice to SolarAssurePlus for the services rendered.

Important note: If your solar installer is no longer in business and you require assistance or need to file a claim, please reach out to SolarAssurePlus' Customer Service team at (480) 795-7778. They will be able to assist you accordingly.